Our scope: conference, webinar, online event, capillarity, high temperature, surface tension, wettability, adhesion, joining, soldering, brazing

Dear potential participants of the
e-HTC 2020 Conference,

Let me herewith invite you to the 9th International Conference on High Temperature Capillarity to be held in 22-25 June 2020 which will be held for the first time in the virtual space. The HTC Conference series was initiated by European scientists Eustathopoulos (France – Greece), Naidich (Ukraine) and Sangiorgi (Italy) with the first conference organized in 1994 in Slovakia, right after the Soviet system collapsed and finally the western and eastern scientists could start close collaboration in all fields of science, including HTC. Since then the conference has become truly international and has been travelling not only around Europe, but also around the world (Poland in 1997, Japan in 2000, Italy in 2004, Spain in 2007, Greece in 2009, Israel in 2012 and Germany in 2015), and now, let me invite you to accompany us for this giant leap, even if it is one small step, for June 2020.

The major topics during this conference will be:

  1. High-temperature wetting
  2. Surfaces and interfaces at high temperatures
  3. Capillarity in high-temperature materials processing
  4. Capillarity in nano-science and nano-technology

Since the event will be held virtually, the conference will be organized without parallel sessions, each participant will get admission to our official conference repository where they can access videos for oral and poster presentations, poster files and abstracts. Each thematic session will contain an invited keynote lecture (25 min) and 3-4 contributed oral talks (15 min). Additionally, a poster session is also organized, where you can watch these posters with a short video introduction.

We are looking forward to receiving your abstracts for oral and/or poster presentations in due time, but more importantly we are excited to see you all within the frame of this experimental Conference in June, 2020!

Prof. George Kaptay,
Corresponding member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences,
Chair of the e-HTC 2020 conference

Assoc. Prof. Peter Baumli,
University of Miskolc (UM), Institute of Physical Metallurgy, Metalforming and Nanotechnology
Co-Chair of the e-HTC 2020 conference

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